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If there's one thing HOPE never has a shortage of, it's loving animals who need great homes!  Of course, before adopting any cat or dog, one should first weigh the costs and benefits, as such a decision should never be taken lightly.  Pets are big responsibilities, as they require money, time, and lots of love.  Take the time to consider these factors

HOPE for Animals requires that adopted cats be kept indoors at all times and that adopted dogs have a fenced-in yard in which to play and exercise.  Therefore, pre-adoption home checks and veterinarian history checks are necessary.  A tax-deductible donation of $100 is associated with the adoption of each dog and $75 for each cat.  This fee covers initial vaccinations, as well as spaying or neutering.  Prior to adoption, the prospective owner must fill out a contract, which lists the stipulations that owner must agree to (such as returning the animal to HOPE if the owner becomes unable or unwilling to care for the cat or dog).  If you are unable to find your perfect match through HOPE, please check out our Lagniappe Animals.  If you come across a HOPE cat or dog you've fallen in love with but cannot take him or her into your home, please consider our sponsorship program.  If you've adopted a HOPE animal in the past, please take the time to fill out our adoption survey--HOPE would love to hear your comments and suggestions!


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