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Recently, HOPE for Animals has resumed its education program, taking its message to local elementary schools to teach young children the importance of caring for animals. Members bring various pets to the schools and entertain the children while educating them.Web Image: ellen.png

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One of the topics HOPE's members touch on is the need for taking care of homeless and stray animals. As pet overpopulation is a big problem in the Lafourche Parish area and HOPE has no shelter at this time, members teach the children about how many cats and dogs need loving homes. After dogs like Brown and Tripod have entertained the children with their tricks and Temporary the Guinea Pig has given the kids some hands-on play time, HOPE members distribute coloring books which provide activities as well as important information, such as how to care for a new cat or dog.

Members involved in the HOPE education program are eager to visit elementary schools in the Lafourche Parish area. The organization feels that teaching young children the value of caring for animals will benefit them in many ways well into their adulthood. Studies have shown that compassion toward animals extends toward people as well. If you would like to schedule a HOPE visit to your school, please call Ruth Chiasson at 985-859-5246.